Powerful Templates

Powerful Joomla templates based on the Warp5 template framework!


Slick as slick can be! Our new theme creation Symphony is based on the Warp5 WordPress theme framework and is a perfect symbiosis of colors and shapes. Symphony has the look of a very smooth surface.

“The new Warp theme framework is amazing!”

Its header provides a large presentation area you can use for product images or large headlines and all menus have a stunning three-dimensional depth … check out the menu items’ cute little bullets! When you use the left and right column, the content area looks like it is hovering above them – a real eye-catcher.

Beautiful color variations

Symphony comes with a wide range of color variations and three extra themes we created to be used especially for cooking websites, online roleplay portals and blogs. Make sure to check out the perfectly balanced color combinations!

Small Warp5 Updates

We improved JS effect of the Down Down Menu for all Internet Explorers and added some new widget themes. Also we did some small changes to the headings style in our Reset CSS.

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Menu System

The menu system enhances Joomla's menu functions to create clearly arranged interfaces even for comprehensive sites.



Ta-ta-tada! We opened our brand new WordPress Theme club! This and more themes are available.

Color Variations

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Show Lilac Color Variation Show Landscape Color Variation Show Cooking Color Variation Show Gaming Color Variation